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Positively Balanced Dog trainer!

Hello there! If you're looking to train your furry companion, Dominion K9 is the perfect place for you to train your dog. 

At Dominion K9, we believe that every dog has the potential to be a well-behaved companion. With our expert training techniques and personalized approach, we'll help your furry friend reach their full potential.

We are passionate, compassionate, and dedicated to delivering results.

We guarantee that you won't be charged if you don't see results!

"My goal with every client is, they don’t need me anymore." – Robin McFarlane

At Dominion K9, we offer dog training services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each dog and owner. Our professional trainer uses positive and negative reinforcement techniques to teach new behaviors and address unwanted ones.

We specialize in obedience, behavior modification, and sport dog training for all breeds and ages. Contact us for a consultation to build a happier relationship with your furry friend.

Unlock your dog's potential with Dominion K9's training expertise. Dogs should be allowed as much liberty as they can responsibly handle.

Mission Statement 

Empowering owners to build positive relationships with their dogs through effective training techniques and engagement, while promoting responsible pet ownership in a safe and supportive environment.

Vision Statement 

Our vision is to create a world where every dog and their owner can live in harmony and happiness.

We strive to achieve this by providing top-notch training services that are tailored to each dog's unique needs and personality, while also educating owners on how to better understand and communicate with their furry companions.


As a dog trainer, my values are centered around creating a positive and safe environment for both the dog and their owner.  

We believe in using positive & negative reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior and build a strong bond between the dog and their owner.

Dominion K9's ultimate goal is to help dogs fulfill their purpose and become well-behaved and happy members of their families.

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