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At Dominion K9, we're excited to assist you in training your beloved pup! Reach out to us today to begin this thrilling journey. You can contact us through email, phone, social media, or mailing address. Thank you for visiting us!

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Phone: 403-996-2485
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440 Sherwood Blvd NW

Calgary, AB T3R 1S9

Thank you for taking the time to visit us today!

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Monil was the only trainer who answered when I called worried about my dogs behaviour. He instantly put me at ease and gave me hope that my 2 dogs had the potential to be furfriends. A 1 year old teacup yorkie Ruffles, and a 11 year old pitbull Flex. He has helped Ruffles with basic training, obedience, and a particular behaviour that was my initial concern. It only took 1 session for Ruffles to quit his problematic behavior. The bond between my dog and i has transformed into something beautiful and I couldn't be more grateful for Monils help! Monil is passionate about dogs and his work is a reflection of that. He is well informed in the behavior of dogs, body language, obedience, bond building, and many other great aspects of training. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my dogs. Aside to training Ruffles Monil also helped me with Flex's walking habits, he no longer pulls or stops every 5 seconds to have a good sniff. This also took one session. Monil is honest from the very beginning and makes it clear the amount of time and energy you invest in your dog is pivotal in the results you will receive. I have recommended Monil to my friends, family, and co workers.

Thank you so much Monil!

Navi Sidhu

Alexa Young, CA

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