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dog training calgary

At Dominion K9, we offer professional services to help your furry friend reach their full potential. Our services include obedience training, sport training, and behavior conversion.

Our goal is to strengthen the bond between you and your dog and make sure they are well-behaved & happy. Join us for group classes or schedule a behavioral consultation today to see the amazing results for yourself!

We offer classes for several situations, ranging from foundational puppy obedience training, to beginner obedience for adult dogs, and special classes for reactive and fearful dogs. dog and training near me  canine behavior safe environment classes

Dominion K9 programs provide life-long support for you and your dog to live a balanced, happy life together.

Training classes are all based on a deep understanding of your dog’s behavior – and empower you with the ability to influence your dog in a way they understand. Whatever stage you’re at with your puppy or adult dog, we have a class for you!  leash walk dog owners training techniques dogs learn continually training loose leash walking classes behavioral consultations, group class.  dog owners training techniques dogs learn reactive dog positive reinforcement positive experience loose leash walking teach your dog dog training classes

"Most of what people call aggression in dogs is really just an wrong response to fear and uncertainty. The way to address the problem is taking away the fear of the unknow, by making it known." – Dick Russel

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Behavioral Problems 

This is a personalized approach where you will work one-on-one with a trainer to tailor lessons to your dog's specific training needs. We assist dogs with behavior issues such as aggression and reactivity.

This helps them feel more comfortable around people and other animals. We provide tools, knowledge, and training to mitigate these extreme behaviors and bring out the best in your dog. Private training sessions or a board and train program are available to address these issues. leash walk dog owners dogs learn reactive dog continually training sit stay loose leash walking dog trainer classes safe environment

Separation anxiety, Aggression, Chewing, Excessive barking, Canine aggression, Self-destructive behavior, Digging, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Jumping, Noise phobia, Fears and phobias, Pain aggression, Resource guarding, Urinating and defecating, Anxiety, Attention-seeking, Begging, Fear aggression, Inappropriate elimination, Incomplete housetraining, Leash pulling, Biting, Chasing other dogs, Compulsive behaviors.

Puppy Training 

During the first six months of your dog's life, it is crucial to establish good behavior, socialize, and train your puppy. Training your puppy is crucial for their growth, and we're here to help during this important time. dog trainers near me. obedience class positive reinforcement behavior problems

House breaking






Our expert dog trainer can assist you in teaching your dog basic and advanced obedience skills, as well as sports training. We offer various programs to assist with training and behavior problems in dogs.

These programs help with jumping, barking, aggression, leash behavior, obedience, crate training, anxiety, reactivity, and off-leash training. They can address a variety of behavioral issues in dogs.

Whether your dog needs help with obedience or has anxiety issues, these programs can provide assistance. From leash behavior to off-leash training, these programs cover a wide range of training needs for your dog. To handle reactive dogs, you can develop skills and methods.

You can do this by establishing structure and building a strong relationship with the dog. Additionally, using tools and providing fair corrections can also be helpful in managing reactive behavior. puppy training near me

Obedience Training 

We offer a balanced training approach that teaches dogs to make the right choices without relying on bribery or punishment.

Our system provides complete off-leash control, making it easy for both the handler and dog. We use modern tools and effective methods to train dogs quickly and properly, saving time and money.

Our program offers an alternative to mainstream pet training and makes living a happy, stress-free life with your canine companion a reality. ecollar, educator collar, eco collar, emergency collar,  collars

Private 1-1

Our personalized approach guarantees undivided attention to your dog, focusing on any issues or goals you may have.

We offer education and tools to address various concerns such as leash and house manners, basic obedience, resource guarding, kennel training, socialization, reactivity, aggression, anxiety, puppy basics, jumping, and more. 

With no minimum purchase required, you can opt for single sessions or take advantage of our pre-paid packages to establish a better relationship with your pet.

Cool tricks, Games, and much more...

Learn how to safely bring your dog on watercraft and play games that strengthen your bond. Dominion K9 offers services to teach you how to play tug, fetch, and more.

Board & Train

Our Board & Train program is great for busy people or dogs that need extra help with training. We will welcome your dog into our home and treat them like part of our family. They will have a good balance of work, play, and socializing.

You can trust that we will give your dog plenty of love and attention, and you will get daily pupdates. Safety, comfort, and well-being are our main priorities. Owners can always visit for training sessions during the program. dog obedience training near me

(Puppies under 6 months of age)



(dogs older than 6 months)


(dogs older than 6 months)

 6 Week 

- Full On/Off-Leash Obedience

- Dog & People Reactivity

- Dog Aggression & Rehabilitation

- Fear & Anxiety

- Muzzle Training

- Resource Guarding

- Thorough Go Home Session

- 3 Free Follow Up Sessions

basic obedience
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